Aaron and Louise’s story

Couple use Express Mover scheme to sell their old home fee-free

Aaron and Louise reveal how they used a new build buying scheme to sell their property without paying estate agent costs to buy a 4 bed house at Bellway’s Jubilee Green development off Watery Lane.

Aaron, a 31 year old Project Manager, and Louise, a 34 year old Dental Assistant, took advantage of the new build support available to them to sell their home quickly and easily, so they could buy a brand new house in their home city of Coventry.

Moving to be near family

Aaron and Louise moved out of Coventry in 2018 to reduce Aaron’s commute to a new job. But the distance between them and their friends and family was difficult.

So, once they started their own family, they set the wheels in motion to relocate back to their roots.

“Our daughter Remi was born in May 2020 and that was the start of our real desire to get back to Coventry to be closer to the family so we could share our lives with them,” Aaron remembered.

“Then I got a job back in Coventry and that was that. We started looking for a new home back in the city.”

A new home perfect for family life

Location and size were key considerations for the couple’s house search.

“We were in a four bedroom house, so we wanted to retain that size and liked the look of Bellway’s Philosopher house,” Aaron said.

While looking online they saw that Bellway were building new homes at Jubilee Green, near Louise’s parents’ home. Aaron and Louise soon organised a visit to a show home at a similar development.

“As soon as we walked in we looked at each other and thought, ‘this is perfect’,” Aaron added.

The couple loved the internal layout and different spaces for home life, including 2 living rooms and a study.

“The kitchen/diner is a lovely size and we are going to set up a main kitchen table and a coffee table with seating so that it becomes a space for the family while food is cooking or the kettle is on.”

Estate agent fees paid – result!

The home was the perfect size and in an ideal location. The pair were sold.

Next step: selling their existing property.

“Tina, the sales advisor at Jubilee Green, was truly amazing,” said Aaron. “She just took over and made the whole process so easy for us.

“What is great with Express Mover is that Bellway do all the hard work and we get to save a few thousand pounds in estate agents’ fees.

“This will go into the pot to help buy new furniture and give us a good start in the new house.”

New home builders offer a range of schemes and incentives to support you to buy a home – including schemes like Express Mover that cover the fees of selling your existing property through a local estate agent.

Better still, the sales team will work with the estate agent throughout the buying and selling process until the sale is complete. That’s one less thing for you to have to take care of.

For more information about the development call the Bellway sales team on 024 7728 5868 or visit the Jubilee Green page on the Bellway website.

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